About Us

Faraday Finder intends to conglomerate a vast number of research laboratories from university, public and industrial institutions. Searchable laboratory databases enable time efficiency improvements for prospective students at all levels of education looking for a lab. Additionally, Faraday Finder solidifies individual and lab identity while enhancing inter and intralaboratorial communication and collaboration on a web platform.

For more information about Michael Faraday see his wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Faraday

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Faraday Finder Mission

The aggregation of scientific researchers from all disciplines enhances interdisciplinary collaboration. Visibility of scientific projects enables the connection of appropriate researchers with each other to expedite publication. Safety is Faraday Finder's number one goal. All data is encrypted and stored encrypted on Faraday Finder's servers. The public profile is customizable by the lab's creator to ensure public visibility; however, the lab may be password protected. Faraday Finder is a job posting website for scientific research positions, thus allowing students all levels of education to find jobs. Faraday Finder also hosts equipment listings, facilitating the sharing of scientific equipment between labs. Faraday Finder also hosts scientific events, providing a platform for symposiums, conferences and smaller events hosted by individual laboratories. By decreasing the potential barrier for scientific collaboration, Faraday Finder serves as a mechanism for increasing the rate of scientific research as a whole.

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